Roadtrip Music: Slammer by Derek Todd Sorensen (Lex Luger)

Roadtrip Music: Slammer by Derek Todd Sorensen (Lex Luger)

Well it has been a while but we are back on the road and need some tunes to suit. How about this banger from the peak days of WCW?

Though not really looked back on too fondly after the fact (though that seems to be changing slightly) – Lex Luger was a bona fide star in 1997. The New World Order was going strong and the angle had yet to grow stale. Nash, Hall, Hogan and Savage dominated the company. But there was a strong resistance on the opposing side. The Giant, Diamond Dallas Page. And while Sting would lurk in the shadows it was Lex Luger that took the lead. At the end of 1996 and into the early part of 1997 Luger picked up steam and by the time 97 was in full swing, it was hard to argue that anyone was more popular than Lex Luger.

This may read like I’m playing it up a little, I’m not. I’m in the process of watching through all the mainline WCW from the first Nitro forward. Given that I just watched the Palace of Auburn Hills erupt as Luger racked Hogan to claim the gold for the good guys, I think it’s appropriate to give Lex some credit for his position at the top of the hottest wrestling company in the world at the time.

As for the song? Slammer sounds like a piece of production music and given then Derek Todd Sorensen lacks the notoriety of a Jim Johnston, Jimmy Hart, Dale Oliver or Mikey Rukus, I think it’s a safe bet that it is. Much like Chris Jericho’s early WCW theme and many others of the time, while it wasn’t purpose built – it well and truly got the job done.