Roadtrip Music: High Energy by Jimmy Hart & J.J. Maguire (Owen Hart)

Roadtrip Music: High Energy by Jimmy Hart & J.J. Maguire (Owen Hart)

It’s May 23rd and today we’re remembering both Owen Hart and Hana Kimura. This time last year I kicked the Roadtrip Music series off with a look at one of Hana’s themes and this time around it’s Owen’s turn.

Owen would have two major themes through his career in the WWF and we’re going to look at the first one. In 1991 after failing to reach an agreement with WCW regarding a contract Owen moved to the WWF. He had wrestled there briefly in the late 80s as the Blue Blazer. Upon his return the Hart Foundation team of his brother Bret and brother-in-law Jim Neidhart had split up. As Bret was a singles wrestler now, Owen teamed with Neidhart as The New Foundation.

Owen was a wrestler in the same mould as Bret and his music was also in the same mould as Bret’s. Where Bret’s Hitman is a lot more methodical, Owen’s High Energy is well, a bit more high energy. This matches the differences in their wrestling styles. Owen was a bit flashier and his music is also a bit flashier. But Owen had solid technical fundamentals driving him like Bret, and as with Bret’s music – both tracks are driving by a solid beat.

Hitman is considered a legendary track in wrestling music lore – but like Owen, High Energy is a little overlooked.

So give this one a listen and take a moment to remember Owen. 1965-1999.

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