Roadtrip Music: Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top (The Fantastics, Gedo & Jado)

Rock ‘n’ wrestling was the driving force behind Vince McMahon’s expansion (and world domination plans) of the World Wrestling Federation. However, he by no means had any exclusivity in the idea. Throughout the 80s around the territories wrestlers were embracing the idea of entrance music and quite often this was rock and roll. Some territories shot promotional videos of their […]

Roadtrip Music: Brooklyn the Hole by Maki Itoh (Maki Itoh)

Sekai chi kawaii no wa? [Who is the cutest in the world?] Itoh-chan! Last week I wrote about the uniqueness of Rina Yamashita. This week we take a look at another extremely unique character in professional wrestling and somebody who just celebrated a birthday (July 22). Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s Maki Itoh. Itoh was an idol singer (a type of […]

Roadtrip Music: Sky High by Jigsaw (Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras, Dos Caras Jr., Jonathan Gresham)

What do a masked Mexican wrestler (Mil Mascaras) and an Australian-Hong Kong co-produced film (The Man from Hong Kong) have in common? Given that you’ve clicked on an article about theme music, your guess is likely spot on. English group Jigsaw (known as English Jigsaw in Australia due to another group named Jigsaw already existing) contributed Sky High to the […]